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Artist: VA
Title: Stamina Summer Slammers, Vol. 2
Release Date: 19.03.2021 Street Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps / 44.1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 12
Source: WEB Genre: Hardcore
Release Size: 150.47 MB Language: English
Label: Stamina Records STMLP005
Url: Music Streaming Service


Track: Track titles: Lenght:

01. A.B Vs K-Wire - Ignition (VIP Version) 05:27
02. A.B Feat. Sarah - The Future Of Sound 04:15
(Original Mix)
03. Andy Dee - Exile (Original Mix) 04:18
04. A.B & Amplitude - Mambo (Original Mix) 06:59
05. jD-KiD - Unpreventable (Original Mix) 06:45
06. Douglas Feat. Dionne - Air (A.B Remix) 05:18
07. A.B - Escapia (Original Mix) 06:25
08. Douglas - Waking Up (Original Mix) 06:08
09. A.B - Salvation (Original Mix) 05:03
10. S3RL & SynthWulf - Everybody Wants To Be A DJ 05:05
(2015 Remaster)
11. A.B Vs K-Wire - Smiler (VIP Edit) 04:00
12. A.B Vs K-Wire - Twisted (Original Mix) 05:54

About Release

Our annual summer series returns refreshed from hibernation
and ready to fill the air with fast and frantic beats,
Stamina style! Standing out loud and proud from other generic
EDM sunshine-fuelled compilations and about 40+BPM faster to
boot(!) this slammin summer package is the perfect party
starter for when you're ready to soak up the beats, as well
as the rays. Offering 12 sun-kissed super-charged hardcore
freeform cuts, including 3 digital exclusives as well as 9
back catalogue beauties, this is an unmissable collection of
bangers to blast out for those long summer sessions! With
music from S3RL, jD-KiD, SynthWulf, A.B, Douglas and more,
and at a price that's as light as that sunny chap up in sky,
enjoy cool freeform beats for those long, hot days with
Volume 02 of our 'Stamina Summer Slammers'. So crank the
sound-system, throw another shrimp on the BBQ and indulge in
some of the best beats about, courtesy of the label with all
the Stamina!


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