Title : Gabber Mafia - The Compilation
Artist : VA
Label : Traxtorm Records
Genre : Hardcore
Year : 2001
Ripper : Homely Team
Rip Date : Dec-09-2007
Streetd. : Apr-12-2001
Source : CDDA

Bitrate : VBRkbit - 44,1kHz - Joint-Stereo
Size : 88,8 MB Total : 64:59 min

Track List and Comments

VA - Gabber Mafia - The Compilation

01 Scott Brown-Bass Be Louder
02 T-Factor-This Is Our Moment
03 Headbanger-Sweet Dreams 2001
04 DJ Paul vs Distortion-Dirty Words
05 Tommyknocker-T-Day
06 Dione-Human Infestation
07 The Reactor & Raoul meets Impulse
Factory-Hardcore Will Never Die (DJ Paul Rmx)
08 Three Village-You Wanna Be
09 Hard SL-Common Sence
10 Impulse Factory-Let Him Go
11 Evil Activities-X-tinction
12 Mad Dog-Some Noise
13 The Reactor & Raoul vs Miss Flower-Feel The
14 Bass-D & King Matthew-More Than Rough
15 DJ Nosferatu-The Prayer
16 Myrmidon vs Myztic-Pop Goes The Pistol
(J.D.A. Rmx)
17 DJ Nosferatu-Experiments Of Human Nature
18 Gabber Mafia-Gabber Mafia

We searched but we couldn't find this release. So Homely camp
brings you this banger of a release on Traxtorm Records (TRAX
CD20). Sorry for the quality of the covers. If you want better
covers, just buy the release. Just like we did.

Well since our version of Rotterdam Hardcore Classics got nuked
and got propered by hM. This release is ripped with cue file.
Seems alot of groups are in same question as we are ... were
exactly is the line when it comes to (digitally) mixing?
Acording to rules its mearly sugested not mandated. maybe a new
set of rules defining this exactly can help with cut on numbers
of nukes (no disrepect is ment here at all).
All respect to hM of course for the proper they made.

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Affil sites 100mbit+ EU US or ASIA
Experienced Rippers & Encoders
Shells and Private Dedicated Servers 10mbit+ for Group Usage
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