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Artist: VA
Title: Best Of Stamina Records 2017
Release Date: 19.03.2021 Street Year: 2017
Quality: 320kbps / 44.1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 16
Source: WEB Genre: Hardcore
Release Size: 335.25 MB Language: English
Label: Stamina Records STMLP010
Url: Music Streaming Service


Track: Track titles: Lenght:

01. Digital Commandos - War Of The Machines 04:18
(VIP Intro Mix)
02. Tamerax - Child Forever (Freeform Mix) 05:24
03. Finnbarr - Freedive (Original Mix) 04:38
04. N3CKBR34KR - ReBorn (Original Mix) 07:55
05. Finnbarr - Hidden In The Light (Original Mix) 05:41
06. Kounta Kulture - Undone (Original Mix) 05:13
07. Finnbarr - Tobor The Robot (Original Mix) 04:05
08. Transcend - Awake State (Original Mix) 06:39
09. Transcend & Cyrax - I'll Show You The 06:46
Darkside (Original Mix)
10. Transcend - Spitting Acid (Original Mix) 07:09
11. N3CKBR34KR - Everything Changes (Freeform Mix)05:18
12. Transcend & Cyrax - Unleashed 05:52
(Substanced Remix)
13. Finnbarr - E=mc2 (Original Mix) 06:07
14. Kounta Kulture - Death Ray (Original Mix) 05:08
15. Tamerax - Drug User (Original Mix) 06:43
16. A.B - Best Of Stamina Records 2017 59:24
(Continuous DJ Mix)

About Release

We opted for quality over quantity this year, and the results
speak for themselves in our annual Best Of Stamina Records
compilation. back for 2017! Featuring music from Transcend,
Finnbarr, Tamerax, N3CKBR34KR, Kounta Kulture, Cyrax,
Substanced, the Digital Commandos. this is the ultimate
collection of carefully-crafted, peak-time freeform bangers
that saw the light of day on our prestigious schedules this
year. Including one special VIP intro mix of a Who's Got The
Stamina Volume 2 favourite, plus as usual a huge mix n'
scratch session from the label head-honcho himself, A.B, you
need to add this brilliant bundle to your expanding freeform
collection, pronto. 15 must-have tunes, one killer mix - it
can only mean one thing: the ultimate annual roundup of the
world of freeform has landed, brought to you by your
favourite underground imprint - the one and only Stamina


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