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Artist: VA
Title: Best Of Stamina Records 2015
Release Date: 19.03.2021 Street Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps / 44.1 / Joint Stereo Tracks: 16
Source: WEB Genre: Hardcore
Release Size: 322.48 MB Language: English
Label: Stamina Records STMLP006
Url: Music Streaming Service


Track: Track titles: Lenght:

01. Clsm - Gravity Wave (Intro Version) 05:26
02. Douglas Feat. Dionne - Air (A.B Remix) 05:16
03. Transcend - Artificial (Gammer Remix) 05:12
04. Transcend & Douglas - GTFO (Original Mix) 06:56
05. A.B Vs K-Wire - Ignition (Original Mix) 05:25
06. Douglas - Social Injustice (Original Mix) 05:11
07. Transcend - Never Be The Same (Original Mix) 06:22
08. A.B - Escapia (Audio Warfare Remix) 06:02
09. Kounta Kulture Feat. Zealous - Falling Skies 05:44
(Original Mix)
10. Douglas - Boys Will Be (Original Mix) 05:25
11. A.B Feat. Sarah - The Future Of Sound 04:13
(Original Mix)
12. Douglas - Waking Up (Original Mix) 06:06
13. A.B - Salvation (Original Mix) 05:00
14. A.B - Where Art Thou, Wandering Fish? 05:44
(Original Mix)
15. A.B Vs K-Wire - Twisted (Original Mix) 05:52
16. A.B - Best Of Stamina Records 2015 56:05
(Continuous DJ Mix)

About Release

Having already released 3 huge CD albums in 2015 it's any
wonder we've still got the Stamina to fire out a humungous
Best Of showcase, jam-packed with our most sterling digital
releases from throughout the year but we have! Best Of
Stamina Records 2015 boasts 15 of the most awesome upfront
Stamina-approved freeform tracks, all meticulously selected,
mixed and scratched by the boss of the Yin Yang, A.B. Plus to
boot this year there's an outrageous number of digital
exclusives two brand new fresh tunes and three much sought-
after Stamina album modern-day classics from the likes of
Gammer, CLSM, Transcend, Douglas, and Audio Warfare! 15
tunes, 1 full-on DJ mix, 1 brilliant bundle: it's back your
definitive yearly guide to what's happening in the freeform
scene 15 through the purple tinted specs of Stamina Records!


You know where to find the Crazy Old Scenesters.

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