Imil - Dedicated EP (2010)



Already known in the underground for releases on Splitterblast and other labels, Imil from The Netherlands releases his first EP on NTR! Written and released to coincide with Emil's 18th birthday and the end of his youth, 'Dedicated' is 4 tracks of energetic hyper-speedcore featuring guest appearances from VWT & MC Pazemaker, enjoy!
EP dedicated to my youth
Track 1 dedicated to the oldschool
Track 2 dedicated to Limburg 2k10
Track 3 dedicated to the Core
Track 4 dedicated to her
1. Imil Ft. VWT - Speedcore Vibes
2. Imil - One Heart (Anti-Subtiel Verkracht)
3. Imil Ft. MC Pazemaker - At Least Speedcore Artists Aren't In It For The Money
4. Imil - Never Gonna Get Her