Drugzilla - Alcoholocaust (2009)


'Music so filthy you need to wear a condom while listening or else you'll get an STD - FACT!
Drugzilla spawned from the bogs of Ireland in 2007, and the duo quickly built up one of the largest fanbase for extreme electronic acts on the internet. Bringing a strange mix of Buckfast fueled extreme beats and foul mouth merriment with them, they recently played a stomping set at I Hate Trance in the UK alongside some of the best acts in the European Speedcore scene. To top things, Drugzilla have just been named Clare artist of 2008 in the Clare People Newspaper, which is an unheard of achievement for such an extreme band. The debut album 'Alcoholocaust will see the light of day in 2009 and splits with Hatewire and Eustachian are also in the pipeline'
[01] What Kind Of Drugs Are We Going To Need For This?
[02] The Kind Of Ejects That Bounce Of Each Other
[03] Alcoholocaust
[04] Drinking The Shit Out Of It
[05] Buckfast Gets You Fucked Fast
[06] Weekend Warriors
[07] On A Mission From Hippies In A Van
[08] Ruairi And The Lads Go Fishing
[09] The Irish Experience
[10] Fear Of God
[11] Mong Wizard
[12] LSDoonvarna
[13] The Berzerker - Caught in the Crossfire (Human Jigsaw Remix)

Thanks to humanjigsaw