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Broken Note - Flood EP (ADN134)

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...artist : Broken Note
....title : Flood EP (ADN134)
....label : Ad Noiseam : ADN134
....genre : Bass
.....year : 2010
.playtime : 18:56 min
......url : : 11/2010
...source : WEB
..quality : 320kbps / Joint-Stereo
...tracks : 04
.....size : 43,4 MBb

t r a c k l i s t

01 Flood 05:22
02 Aporia 04:28
03 Mask Of Gas 04:12
04 Bad Acid 04:54
18:56 min

r e l e a s e n o t e s

Now that the friends from -SexyQueens did
the vinyl i feel ok dropping the WEB.

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We are a small group of rather friendly
people (with few exceptions!) who'd prefer
wasting their time releasing scatporn
instead of ripping those crappy (mostly)
electronic releases nobody even cares about.

Of course we release all what we hate
because hate is a much stronger feeling than
love and when you think about it, there is
no point wasting money on loved ones.

Finally if you ever like one of our releases
(and not only ours...), go fuck a goat, sell
the video and buy the damn vinyl/cd/dvd ...
... that's double pleasure !

We would like to share a goat with the
followings for their work and/or friendship,
of course in -almost- no particular order:

TrT - DPS - MAEM - mbs - bASS - kiNky - soup
sour - XTC - FWYH - D2H - BCC - BOSS - FMR
ETHNiC - CT - i8 - 1way - hM - SQ - HQEM
SexSh0p - JustDifferent

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